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Super yo-yo

Cameron shook his piggy bank and watched as the coins tumbled onto his bed. But just as he started counting them, his dog Max ran into the room and jumped up, licking his face.

“Down, Max!” He yelled. “You’re stepping on my money!”

The energetic pup ignored the boy and continued to trample all over the bed. Some of the coins fell to the floor.

Finally, Cameron got the pesky dog out of his room and gathered his money into a pile. He had been saving to buy a new yo-yo to add to his collection. He already knew how to do some cool tricks and couldn’t wait to buy the Super Deluxe Yo-yo he had seen on T.V.

Counting the last of his coins, he discovered that he had eleven dollars and sixty-three cents. Terrific! The corner store was selling the yo-yos for $8.99. He hurried to put on his shoes, then went to find his mother.

“Hey, Mama,” he said, finding her in the garden. “May I ride to the corner store to buy my new yo-yo?”

She looked up at him, blocking the sun from her eyes. “That would be fine, Cameron, but be very careful.”

Cameron promised he would, and ran to the garage to get his bicycle.

Daydreaming about his new toy, he rode past the school and the post office. Then, as he rounded the corner, he saw Mrs. Miller, the school librarian, standing in her yard with a big frown on her face.

Waving, he called out to her. “Hello, Mrs. Miller!”

She looked up and gave Cameron a small wave. How sad she looked!

Deciding to stop, Cameron leaned his bike against the fence and walked over.

“Is everything alright, Mrs. Miller?” He asked.

“Well, Cameron,” she replied, “my favorite rose bush didn’t make it this year. It’s the one my granddaughter gave me a long time ago. I’m just sad to see it gone.”

Cameron didn’t know what to say, so he waited a moment before telling her goodbye and continuing on his way.

At the corner store, he chained his bicycle to the bike rack and quickly ran inside. Sure enough, there was the new Super Deluxe Yo-yo!

He made his way to the counter, patting his pocket full of change. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a red rose bush in a plastic container by the window. Immediately, he thought of Mrs. Miller.

The price of the bush was $8.99, the same price as his new yo-yo. What should he do?

Cameron remembered how sad Mrs. Miller looked. So, he decided right then and there to put the yo-yo back and buy the rose bush instead.

Hopping on his bike, he rode as fast as he could to Mrs. Miller’s house. He couldn’t wait to surprise her and see the big smile on her face!

The End