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Luckiest Girl in The World

Birthday Girl Sarah

Sarah sat by the window, anxiously waiting for the guests to arrive. This was the day she had been waiting for—the day she would get her very own puppy! She had read dozens of books about taking care of pets, and she had walked the neighbor’s dog every day during the summer. Her parents were sure to her a puppy. It was, after all, her birthday.Suddenly, the doorbell rang, interrupting Sarah’s thoughts. She ran to answer it and saw her Grandma and Grandpa standing on the porch. Inviting them in, she gave them a big hug. Next, her best friend, Cassie, and a few more friends from school arrived. It was finally time for the party to begin!

Sarah’s dad played fun games with them, while her mother served delicious cupcakes and ice cream. Everyone had so much fun, Sarah lost track of time. So, when her parents announced it was time to open presents, she could hardly contain her excitement.

Opening the gift from her grandparents, she saw that it was a toy dog that barked and ran in circles. Everyone laughed as she used the remote control to make it run and jump. Next, she opened Cassie’s gift, which was a big poster of puppies in a basket. Sarah couldn’t wait to hang it in her room.

Once the gifts were opened, Sarah’s dad announced that they had one final present for her. To her disappointment, it was a small box wrapped in silver paper. Inside, was a beautiful necklace with a pendant of a little dog holding a golden heart. Sarah could tell her parents had spent a lot of money on it. She thanked them kindly and tried to enjoy the rest of her birthday party. But her heart just wasn’t in it. Sarah wasn’t going to get a puppy after all.

That night, as she got ready for bed, hot tears ran down her face. She brushed them away, feeling guilty for being so ungrateful. Then, she went to kiss her parents goodnight.

“Good night, Mom and Dad!” She said as cheerfully as she could. “Thank you for a wonderful party.”

They gave her a big hug and wished her happy birthday one last time.

Just then, Sarah’s dad announced, “Oh, I almost forgot. There’s one last gift for you in the garage.”

In the garage? What could that mean?

Sarah ran through the kitchen and opened the door. There, in a large kennel were two labrador puppies!

“Mrs. Jameson just brought over the last two puppies from her litter.” Her mother informed. “And we couldn’t bring ourselves to separate the little brother and sister.”

Sarah could hardly believe it! She had two puppies of her very own! And she knew just what to name them. The girl would be called “Happy,” because Sarah felt happier than she’d ever been. And the boy would be called “Lucky,” because she felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world.