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You don't look like us, Lulu.

On the first day of gym class, everyone was gathering into distinct groups. Lulu, who is a half Labrador and half poodle went up to the group of Labradors first.

“Can I be apart of your group?” Lulu asked.

“No! You don’t look like us. You have curly fur all over,” they said.

Lulu noticed that she didn’t have straight fur like the other labs. Her curly fur did look like the poodles though. Excitedly she ran over to the poodles and asked if she could join them.

“No, you don’t look like us, you can’t join our group” they all said.

Lulu stood alone in the gym, crying because she was not being accepted for who she was.

The gym teacher came over to Lulu.

“What’s the matter Lulu?” The teacher asked.

“The labs won’t let me be a part of their group because I have curly fur, and the poodles won’t let me join their group because I don’t look exactly like them” Lulu responded.

“I have been in your situation Lulu,” the teacher said. “My best advice is to just be yourself. They will see that just because you don’t look like them, it doesn’t matter. It’s who you are that really counts.”

When it was time for the class to run some laps, one by one, each breed ran back and forth. When it came to Lulu’s turn, she ran just like a Labrador.

“Wow!” said the labs, “You run just like we do!” they exclaimed.

The Labradors were starting to warm up to Lulu. Maybe it didn’t matter so much she didn’t look exactly like them. She loved to run just like they did.

In the locker room Lulu was drying her curls. The poodles noticed how tight her curls were and how similar Lulu’s curls were to theirs.

“Would you like to join us at the dog parlor, we are all touching up our curls,” asked one of the poodles.

“Yes!” Lulu said. It was a great surprise to be accepted by the poodles as well.

In addition to being invited to the grooming parlor with the poodles, Lulu also was accepted by the labs to run with them on the school yard.

After school Lulu was hanging out with both groups when she thought about how great it was they were both being very nice to her. Several of her new friends told her

“Even though you don’t look completely like us, we all realize we share many similarities,” “we like you for who you are,” they replied.

The teacher was right, Lulu thought to herself. It is more important to be yourself than to just look or act like others.