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Rory & The Magic Paintbrush

Reading Time with Kids: 5 - 10 Minutes

Rory pulled out his paints and freshly cleaned brush. He looked at the canvas and felt a familiar rush. The empty, blank page was begging for life and as Rory prepared, the time was just right. Dipping the brush in the brightest of blues, the sudden sound from behind of snickering ensued. “Well look who it is, the dorky little artist.” It was the bully, none other than Marcus. “All by yourself with no friends around. You better go home, you look like a clown!” “Back off,” Rory shouted, stepping away “I create all my friends, and I’ll keep it that way.” Jumping forward at Rory, Marcus pushed the boy back. Crashing to the floor, the canvas broke and snapped. Laying on the ground, his paints all over the floor, Rory fought the urge to cry as Marcus roared. “I told you to go, no one likes your art! You better get running, I’ll give you a head start.” The other boys laughed as Rory jumped to his feet. He dashed out the classroom, Marcus yelling “You can run but you can not hide!” Running down the hall with the boys at his heels, Rory looked all around for escape to be revealed. In his back pocket, was his magic paintbrush. Turning the corner, Rory dashed with a rush. Sliding to a stop in a great hurry, Rory saw with fear he was surrounded by the bullies. “You’re not going anywhere.” Marcus said with a laugh. “Give me that brush so I can break it in half.” Spinning on his heels, Rory saw his only chance. Jumping for the bathroom, the bullies missed him by a glance. Jamming the door, Rory began painting. As the bullies fought to catch him, they were loudly complaining. “Open the door! Open the door! There is nowhere to hide, even if you could!” Frantically drawing, Rory let his mind whirl. In every direction, his paintbrush did the swirl. With one last great thud, the bullies broke the door. Backing away, Rory was less afraid than before. “Get him!” Marcus yelled, anger on his face. The bullies lunged forward but stopped in one place. Before them on the ground churned a pit filled with water. In it were sharks, chomping with hunger. Letting out shrieks of fear and terror, the bullies turned and ran for cover. Only Marcus remained, still determined to catch Rory. Sprinting forward, he jumped, his expression quite gory. Rolling away, Rory tried to flee. But Marcus grabbed him and cackled with glee. Taking his brush, Rory quickly began painting. Moments later stood a picture, one most striking. A monster lay flat against the bathroom wall. As it grew and came to life, the creature stood tall. Roaring so fierce, it reached out towards Marcus. With a tumble, the bully ran from the work of the little artist. Smiling with joy, the monster cheered towards his creator. Never again did Rory and his magic paintbrush worry about those gruesome troublemakers.

In Class or At Home Questions

1. “Dipping the brush in the brightest of blues, the sudden sound from behind of snickering ensued.”

Who was snickering at Rory?

a. His friend, Marcus

b. His brother, Marcus

c. A bully, Marcus

d. His teacher, Marcus

2. What happened to the monster Rory painted on the bathroom wall?

a. It grew larger and larger and came to life.

b. It faded until it couldn’t be seen.

c. It stayed flat and lifeless.

d. He washed it off the wall.

3. Imagine you were someone watching the bullies attack Rory. What could you do to help Rory?