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Reaching for the Fences

Digging her shoes into the batter’s box, Mickie knew she had to be as clever as a fox.Nervous yet excited, her stomach did the swirl. With anticipation, she gave her bat a twirl.With two outs in the ninth, it was all up to her. If she could just hit a single, victory was assured.The runner at third patiently waited, hoping this game wouldn’t leave them all frustrated.“One more win, and we’re the champions!” their coach had said, “never give up, even if we’re ahead!”As the pitcher on the mound went into his windup, Mickie readied herself in hopes she could step up.The baseball came fast, like a quick strike of lightning. Gritting her teeth, Mickie swung with late timing.Spinning and falling, she troubled to the ground. Turning to look, she heard that awful sound.“STRIKE TWO!” the umpire shouted through the warm, Summer air. Mickie pushed herself up with little despair.“Want me to throw it slower?” the pitcher did mock. Chewing her bubblegum, Mickie ignored the boys' squawk.Adjusting her red helmet, Mickie took her readied stance. Lifting her bat, she thought "I have another chance".Into his windup, the pitcher threw with all his might, while Mickie hoped to set the ball in flightWith a toss of great speed, the ball it did fly. Whizzing through the air towards Mickie had a keen eye.Letting it pass her as it spun, towards the ground, Mickie felt relief when she wasn’t called out.“BALL THREE!” the umpire yelled so all could hear. Taking a deep breath, Mickie had no more fear.Stepping up to the plate, ready to swing, Mickie gripped the bat tight with excitement and zing.“Girls can’t play baseball!” a voice, it did yell “that last swing was so bad she even fell!”A jeer she had heard many times before, Mickie had found they were easily ignored.“Come on Mick!” her Dad shouted from the stands “Don’t let them bother you and win this thing quick!”Hearing her Dad, Mickie smiled and focused. Being a girl would never go unnoticed.As the pitcher wound up, he threw his final throw. As it blazed through the air, Mickie saw it like a pro.With one great big swing, she clobbered that ball. As it flew through the air, it did cross the outfield wall.Cheers of great size rang across the field, as Mickie rounded the bases, the championship sealed.Stepping on home plate her team waited with glee. Hugs and high fives were many and plenty.As they shouted her name, the Rockets were victorious. Their voices did boom, something quite glorious.As they walked towards the car, with the game now over, Mickie’s Dad had his arm around her small shoulder.“You did great today Mick, don’t ever forget. If you win or you lose, have fun and never fret.”Driving home, Mickie held her homerun. Happy to be, her Dad’s number one.