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Peter the Penguin

Peter, the penguin, was filled with fear. His story, however, is one you must hear. Elderly and grumpy, Peter kept to himself. Never did he want to leave his icy house. Too afraid to venture out, with all the others, Peter often would hide, under his snowy covers. “Come with us!” the penguins would tell him with excitement and glee. “There is nothing to fear and so much to see!” “It’s far too dangerous!” Peter would angrily reply. “I think I’ll just stay here and safely hide.” As time did pass, the others kept trying. “Please come with us, dear Peter! We truly aren’t lying.” Peter squawked and cried “be gone I said, just leave me be! The world is too dangerous, and there is nothing to see!” It was just around Christmas, and a storm had blown in. Alone was Peter, no one with him. With all the other penguins having given up trying. Little miss Marnie had said, “Peter’s probably alone and even crying.” The others they said “he told us to go”, but Marnie ventured out, into the thick snow. Covering her eyes with one small flipper, the young little penguin had never felt surer. As she reached Peter’s home, she knocked on the door. Telling her to leave, she would not stand for. Because of the storm, Peter let her inside, knowing she wouldn’t give up even if he did try. “What is it you want?” Peter asked rather shortly. “I’m tired, it's late, I’m not feeling warmly.” “It is nearly Christmas,” Marnie said with a stomp. “You can’t be alone!” her beak snapped with a chomp. “I told all the others, just leave me be! That storm proves the danger, can’t you see?” Upset with Peter, Marnie stamped out the door. Her small webbed feet leaving holes in the floor. Later that night, another knock did come. Peter answered it angrily shouting, “you all are bothersome!” At the door in the storm was Marnie’s mother. Fearful and said, she looked like no other. “Please, Mr. Peter you must help me find her! Little Marnie’s gone missing, no one will venture!” “But I can’t don’t you see?” Peter started to say, but he knew his own protest would not convince himself that day. “Very well I shall go, and I will find her. I can see the tracks now, even in this storm’s blur.” As Peter left his home and the others behind, he knew his fear would return in good time. All day and all-night Peter battled the storm, even with all the snow that swirled and swarmed. When the tracks finally ended, there he found Marnie. Cold and frozen but still moving. Wrapping his flippers around the little penguin, Peter sat and waited. Keeping her hidden and warm, the storm slowly did vanish. When morning came, Peter shook off the snow. The sight he did see was one to behold. In front of them, both was a thick bit of glass. “Now you have seen, at last! At last!” It was then that Peter realized, there was no danger down that slippery slope. For him and the others, were safely living inside a snow globe.

In Class or At Home Questions

1. Why did Peter refuse to leave his house?

a. He is too busy cleaning

b. He is reading a book

c. He is watching a movie

d. He is afraid

2. Why did Peter finally leave his house?

a. He needed to go to the store to get milk.

b. He wanted to join the others at their party.

c. He was worried about Marnie.

d. He was lonely.

3. If you were Marnie, would you leave the comfort of your home with your family and friends to try to get Peter to join you? Why or why not?