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Lily's Rock

Lily loved to explore. Every day was a new adventure. One spring morning while exploring the forest near her house, Lily found a spotted, oval-shaped rock. Lily decided to name the rock Spot, because of the tiny spots that covered it. Wherever she went, Spot came too. Through the forest, over the creek, her rock was by her side. At home Spot had its own place at the dinner table, even a plate was made, Spot became Lily’s best friend. One morning when Lily was trekking through the foothills, she decided to climb a big oak tree. When she reached the top, the view before her took her breath away. Excited to have Spot see the view she rummaged through her backpack to get him, but he was not in there! “Spot! Spot! Where are you?” Lily cried. “Did spot fall out of my backpack?” Lily thought to herself. She carefully but in a steady manner descended the tree. Looking around the tree, there was no sign of Spot. Lily had to retrace her steps. She went back to the pond where she had the lunch, Spot was not there. Lily went back to the log, where she counted leaves, but Spot was nowhere to be found. Frantic, Lily ran home. She looked in the kitchen, he was not there. Living room, and still no sign of Spot. In her last attempt to find her best friend Lily went to look in her bedroom. She even looked under the bed, but to her disappointment, Spot was not there. A few days had passed by, and Lily still did not give up hope of finding Spot. She went back to the big oak tree. Slowly climbing each branch, Lily stopped to look at a bird’s nest. The mama bird was resting on top of her eggs, but the spots on one of the eggs seemed very familiar. Lily tried to get a better look at the egg, but she had to wait for the mama bird to fly away. All day Lily waited patiently, and finally, the bird flew off. Lily realized the egg was Spot! She quickly reached for Spot, when suddenly he started to crack. “Wait, rocks don’t do that,” Lily said to herself. Before her very eyes, a little bird came out of the “rock” she had known as Spot. She had carried spot with her for several days before she dropped him back in the nest where he belonged.

In Class Or at Home Questions

1. When Lily was exploring, she found an oval shaped rock, but it wasn’t really a rock. What was it?

a. A jelly bean

b. A snake egg

c. A bird’s egg

d. A marble

2. Where was Lily when she noticed her rock was missing?

a. Having a picnic at the pond

b. Climbing a tree

c. Resting in the shade of a tree

d. Walking along a trail

3. Write another paragraph to finish this story. Imagine Rory’s reaction to the little bird. Did they become friends? What happened next?