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Fly Baby Bird

Flying Bird

Sammy was a very wary bird. Only a few days old and he only knew his four brothers and sisters. Mommy came and went, but she always brought goodies home, so they could eat. His oldest brother began to fly first. Then the second oldest and then everyone except him. Mommy bird protected Sammy the most. He stayed home with mommy bird the longest. Leaving the nest, meant not being with mommy anymore. Every day Sammy would hop around the nest, from one side to the other waiting on mommy bird to bring more goodies. One day mommy bird came home with a couple of worms and Sammy shared with mommy. “Sammy, when are you going to learn how to fly?” Mommy bird, asked. “I’m too scared mommy!” Sammy squeaked. “It’s not scary. It’s what all birds do. See?” Mommy bird said, as she hopped up on the side of the nest and jumped. Sammy hopped to that side and was scared. “Mommy!” Sammy yelled. Mommy bird came and swooped beside him and glided through the air. She flew around the tree, and up, up, up. Sammy jumped up and down and laughed. Finally, mommy bird flew down beside Sammy. “See, Sammy. That was fun. Wanna try?” Mommy bird asked. “I don’t know mommy, I’m still scared.” Sammy said, quietly. “I’m right here, baby bird. I won’t let you go too far. I promise.” Mommy bird assured him. Sammy hopped up onto the side of the nest and looked down. Everything narrowed, and he ran back to momma bird. “I’m too scared momma!” Sammy yelled, trembling. “Come on Sammy, I’ll go with you.” Momma bird urged. “Ok, momma.” Sammy said, hesitantly. Momma bird jumped up to the edge of the nest and Sammy followed her. “Spread your wings like this.” Momma bird spread her wings wide. Sammy did the same. “Now jump, and you are going to fall, but then the wind will guide you.” Momma bird said. They both jumped at the same time, and Sammy got scared and brought his wings back in and looked like a ball. “Momma!” Sammy yelled terrified. Momma bird swooped down and grabbed him with her feet and brought him back into the nest. “Ok, let’s try again, but this time don’t bring your wings in. Just let the wind catch your wings and take you where you want to go.” Momma bird explained. “Ok, momma.” Sammy said, catching his breath and calming down. Once again they went to the edge of the nest, jumped and instead of bringing his wings in he let the wind catch his wings and he flew! “Yay momma! I’m flying!” Sammy yelled, excited. “See baby bird. You are doing it!” Momma bird exclaimed. Sammy let go of his fear and flew with momma bird. He loved it so much he flew until his wings got tired, and he rested and wanted to fly again.

In Class or At Home Questions

1. Why did Sammy not want to fly?

a. He liked sitting in the nest.

b. He liked being alone.

c. He was afraid.

d. He wanted to stay with Mommy

2. What did Mommy tell Sammy to do with his wings as he flew?

a. Hold them close to his sides

b. Spread them out to catch the wind

c. Hold one out and one in to his side

d. Flap them as fast as he could

3. Write a paragraph about a time you were afraid to try something new, but once you did you loved it.