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Cyndi’s Feather

The grass felt wet and soft under her feet. Sunshine burst through the treetops shining off her golden hair. The air smelled sweet, and the birds were treating the world to a joyful chorus. She had never felt so free. Cyndi ran through the clearing and spotted a small doe keeping watch as her baby played nearby. The mamma deer spotted Cyndi, and they both ran off into the woods. The sound of a nearby brook drew her attention. She sat at the bank and looked around at the natural beauty surrounding her. The fish were leaping in and out of the water. Cyndi got up and walked into the water just enough, so her feet were covered. The tadpoles tickled her toes. Giggling! She was silenced by snickering in the distance. Cyndi stiffened and looked around a little scared. “What was that?” Cyndi asked herself. Slowly Cyndi walked around a tall tree. This wasn’t any ordinary tree though. This tree was huge, and the leaves were a bright green than usual. Turquoise almost. Under the bark down the trunk, there was a glowing purple, spiraling through the tree. Cyndi touched the tree, and she felt a shock through her body. Taking her hand off the tree, she looked at her hand, and there was a glowing mark on her hand. The mark was the tree of life, and it was lime green. She looked at the tree and touched it again. Everything got bright, and she teleported to a magical land. There were different colored trees everywhere and fairies flying, and deer and bears, everywhere. A tall, beautiful woman walked up to her, with a long silky pink dress on. Her skin was a pink color, and her hair was long curly, and purple. Her ears pointed out from behind her hair, and a pair of translucent wings lay smoothly down her back. “Welcome home, your majesty.” She said. “Home? But, I’ve never been here before. Have I?” Cyndi asked. “You are our Queen’s daughter, are you not? Let me see your hand.” She grabbed her hand and saw the mark. “Yes, you are. Only a fairy can enter this land. This is your home. I am Wanda your guide.” Wanda said. Her voice sounded like she was singing. “Um, ok? I guess so. I’m from Georgia though.” Cyndi said. “You were taken from us. Stolen, when you were born but now that you are home, we are complete again.” Wanda explained. “Oh?” Cyndi didn’t know what to say. She was speechless. Wanda took her to a large palace. It was made of stone and the same markings from the trees carved into it with glowing lime green shining through them. A beautiful woman with long brown hair that looked like an older version of Cyndi walked out with a man that was fit and brunette as well. “These are your parents, Queen Lucy and King Darrick". "Your daughter has returned, your majesty.” Wanda bowed and backed away. “My darling, you have found us!” Queen Lucy embraced her daughter, and her father followed. That night after the welcome home festivities, Cyndi was exhausted. Wanda took her to her room with a giant bed with a canopy above it. Butterflies flew above her bed, and when the light was shut off, they glowed in the dark. “Goodnight, sweet Cyndi. Everyone is so happy you are home.” Wanda said, backing out of the door. Cyndi laid down and fell asleep when her eyes opened, she was in her normal, plain room. She was laying in her twin bed with her purple sheets and fluffy pillows. Moving the blanket there was a long translucent feather lying next to her. “If it was just a dream where did this feather come from?” Cyndi thought to herself.