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Emily's Pen

12-year-old Emily won a beautiful pen in an essay contest. It was purple with silver swirls around it and a clip that wrapped around the top of the pen. She would win every contest she ever entered. This one was the best because she really wanted that pen. She had ideas running through her mind all day. When she wrote with this pen, this in her life started changing. Emily didn’t have many friends, so one day she wrote about having a friend. Someone that came into town and they did all the things friends were supposed to do together. Her name was Chantal, and she had long curly brown hair. She was really nice. This was her escape. When she wrote these stories, she felt like her life was better than it was. Finishing her story about Chantal she went to bed. When she woke up the next morning, she heard the click of a pen. Looking over at her desk the pen fell on its side. “Huh?” Emily asked herself. “What just happened?” Rubbing her eye’s she walked over and read what was on the paper. It was her story but in a different color. She had written in black, but when she read it this morning, it was purple ink. When she went to school, her first period was English. When she sat down the door opened. A girl about Emily’s age walked into the room with long curly brown hair. “Class, this is Chantal. Everyone say hi.” Ms. Pope said. “Hi, Chantal.” The class said. Emily just sat and stared. Chantal sat at the desk next to her. “Hi. I’m Chantal. What’s your name?” Chantal introduced herself. “I’m Emily.” Emily spat out. “Nice to meet you, Emily.” Chantal said. After school, Emily asked her to come over. Chantal came over and they went to Emily’s room. Sitting on the bed they were getting to know each other. Chantal was really nice. “So, I want to show you something. It’s peculiar.” Emily said, getting up and going over to her desk. She opened her drawer and pulled out her pen. “No one knows about this but for some reason, I can trust you.” Emily added. “Ok, what is it?” Chantal asked. “I think it’s a magical pen.” Emily said. “Watch.” Emily wrote down something. There was a knock on the door and Emily’s mom was at the door with two glasses of lemonade. “Ok. What are we waiting for? How is it magical?” Chantal asked. “Read the paper.” Emily said. ‘Mom brings lemonade.’ “Woah. What else can it do?” Chantal asked. “What do you want? You tell me, I write it down, and you get it.” Emily said. “I want chips.” Chantal said. Emily wrote down ‘Mom brings chips.’ Her mom came back up with some chips. Chantal was so impressed, she wanted to try. “I think it only works when I do it because I’m the one that won it.” Emily said. “But, it could work.” Chantal said, holding her hand out. “No, I don’t think it will.” Emily said. “Ok.” Chantal said. She still thought it was cool. Emily and Chantal hang out every day at her house, just messing around with the pen. One day Chantal comes over, and Emily goes to the bathroom. Chantal stares at the pen and pics it up. She writes down ‘Brooke calls Emily.’ The phone rings, it’s Brooke. Emily walks into the room with a giant smile on her face and looks down at the paper. She see’s what Chantal wrote and quickly hangs up the phone. “Chantal! How could you?” Emily yelled. “You weren’t supposed to use the pen!” “But, now we know it works if I use it.” Chantal said. “But, it’s my pen.” Emily said, as she grabbed the pen and put it back on her desk. Chantal left, and Emily got even madder. She grabbed her pen and paper and wrote down ‘I don’t want to be Chantal’s friend anymore!’ The next day at school Chantal didn’t talk to Emily at all. She remembered writing that when she was mad, but there was no taking it back. So now she was left alone with a magical pen. She couldn’t take it back.

In Class Or At Home Questions

1. How did Emily win her purple pen?

a. She won a race

b. She won a writing contest

c. She won a door prize at a party

d. She won a math contest

2. What happened when Emily wrote with her magic pen?

a. Everything she wrote came true

b. The ink disappeared

c. It made her feel sad

d. It made her feel happy

3. When Emily got angry with Chantel, she wrote that she didn’t want to be her friend anymore. The next day Chantel would not talk to Emily. How did this make Emily feel? What could she do to become friends with Chantel again without using her magic pen?