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Princess Emma and the One-eyed Snowman

It was a beautiful summer evening. Princess Emma was walking around in her garden, and it was then that a strange object caught her eye. She walked towards the object cautiously, and to her surprise, it was a…snowman! A one-eyed snowman.

A snowman in the middle of summer? She thought. How is that possible?

But before she could think of what to do, the snowman spoke. "Yes, I am real, if that is what you are thinking."

Emma was startled, she jumped back and tripped over a head of cabbage.

"What? Who? How?" Emma could not find her words.

I must be dreaming. She thought to herself.

"Oh, you're not dreaming." The snowman answered, reading her mind. "I am as real as that cucumber over there."

Princess Emma looked at the cucumber, then back at the snowman. "How are you not melted?" She asked, finally finding her voice.

The snowman shrugged his shoulders. (At least he would have if he actually had shoulders.)

"I don't really know." He said matter-of-factly. "The last thing I remember was a blackbird flying down and plucking off my nose."

Emma looked closely at his face, and sure enough, the poor snowman didn't have a nose at all! But before she could comment, the snowman continued.

"That blasted crow stole my nose for his supper! Now, I can't smell a thing."

Without meaning to, Princess Emma giggled. She covered her mouth, terribly afraid she'd offended him.

"It's alright, my dear. I would laugh too if I weren't so mad." The snowman looked around the garden, scratching his beard. (At least he would have if he actually had a beard.)

"I don't see any carrots in your garden." He mused, staring at the princess with eyes made out of coal.

"Oh, I do have carrots!" She happily exclaimed. But then she remembered. "Well, I used to have carrots. But the maid picked all of them this morning to put in the stew."

The snowman shuffled toward her, with a serious look on his face. "I must find a carrot to replace my missing nose!" He said, gravely. "Do you think the maid used all of them for the pot of stew?" "Dear, Mr. Snowman," Emma answered. "I do not know. But we should hurry to the kitchen and find out. Supper will be served in a matter of minutes!"

The two of them ran as fast as they could toward the castle. Their legs were burning by the time they reached the door. (At least the snowman's legs would have been burning if he actually had legs.)

The princess rushed into the kitchen and frantically looked for the cook. No one was there! However, a large pot simmered on the stove. It smelled delicious! Lifting the lid, Emma looked into the steamy pot. She saw the meat, potatoes, and…green beans!

"I don't see any carrots!" She said, excitedly.

The snowman breathed a sigh of relief, (from his mouth of course). "So, what do you suppose the maid did with the carrots?" He wondered.

Princess Emma looked everywhere, but not a single carrot was found. "I'm sorry, Mr. Snowman." She said sadly, patting his frosty head.

"Oh, it's ok." He muttered. "I guess I will never smell again." The two of them walked back to the garden.

Just then, the snowman bent down and picked a turnip. "There!" He said, putting the turnip where his nose had been. "This will work just fine!"

Again, Emma giggled aloud. In fact, she burst into laughter, rolling around on the ground and holding her stomach. Her head bumped into a big pumpkin. Ouch!

Sitting up, she rubbed her poor head and looked around. The snowman was nowhere to be found.

Was I dreaming? She thought. I must have been! She decided.

But as she stood and brushed the soil from her dress, a small, strange object caught her eye. Bending down to get a closer look, she saw that it was.......

The End

In Class or At Home Questions

1. Why was Emma so surprised to see a snowman in the garden?

a. Because it was winter

b. Because it was spring

c. Because it was summer

d. Because it was fall

2. What happened to the snowman’s nose?

a. It fell off because he was melting

b. His maker forgot to give him one

c. He didn’t like it so he took it off

d. A crow stole it for his supper

3. The final sentences of the story read, “Was I dreaming? She thought. I must have been! She decided.

But as she stood and brushed the soil from her dress, a small, strange object caught her eye. Bending down to get a closer look, she saw that it was.......”

What do you think she saw? Write a paragraph to end the story.