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Princess Emma & Orb of Time

Children Stories - Princess Emma's Castle

On a warm summer night, Emma ran towards the garden. Tears in her eyes, the princess felt quite heartbroken. “You’re my daughter, Emma!” Her father did shout. “You will learn to obey and give me no doubt!” In being a princess, Emma found little to cheer. Her desire to explore, she would often make clear. Away from the castle was a time she did enjoy. Yet her wild behavior would often annoy. "But father!" she argued with great determination. "The idea of being Queen comes with the smallest of temptation!" "As my daughter, you will listen," King Franz did protest, "to be Queen one day should make you feel truly blessed!" “I don’t like who I am; I wish I was free! The world outside this place is what I wish to see!” Running from her father and his lessons quite stern, King Franz called out for his daughter to return. Reaching the garden, Emma continued her pace. She knew guards would follow and now, it was a race. The freshly groomed shrubbery burst with bright green. The setting sun’s rays creating a sparkly sheen. Making her way, across the grassy garden's floor, the princess entered a maze through a leafy arched door. Running towards the center, Emma bolted with a flash. Lifting her dress, her feet pounded with a crash. With every twist and turn, the princess neared her destination. Her heart was pounding with worry and her limbs buzzing with vibration. “Get back here!” the guards shouted as they followed her trail. Out of breath they soon slowed to the pace of a snail. Lost only twice, Emma soon found her way. The well-trimmed hedges keeping her at bay. Rounding the last corner, Emma found her hidden goal. The center of the maze was a sight to behold. A hand-carved gazebo stood high in its middle. Lush vines wove around it like a complicated riddle. Numerous flowers of all shapes and of great size dotted the grassy floor and drew Emma’s eyes. Wonderment and happiness filled the young girl. This center of the maze was like an oyster and its pearl. While the princess did often spend time in the maze, something new and quite odd did pull at her gaze. On a small stone pedestal under the great gazebo’s roof, floated a small crystal ball, quiet and aloof. A blazing blue color, the orb shone quite bright. The princess’ curiosity did pull even if something wasn’t right. Approaching the ball, she listened quite closely. A soft humming came from it, Emma stepping more slowly. Standing right before the sphere, the princess looked with great wonder. The magic it held seemed to boom like mighty thunder. Lost in its sight, the princess soon reached forward. The tips of her fingers nearing the orb’s border. As she touched the magic orb, her hand slipped right through. The fear that overtook her suddenly grew. “Stop!” a guard shouted from behind her small shoulder. But it was far too late as Emma vanished with a smolder. Closing her eyes, out of fear and terror, Emma cried out for help as she realized her error. The feeling of flying at a great and blazing speed seemed to mask her frail voice even as she tried to scream. Opening her eyes with just a slight peek, what she then saw caused her to let out a slight, fearful shriek. Still zooming forward, she saw the world had all changed. Filling her vision were things quite estranged. Colors were swirling, that of blues and bright whites, filled the young princess with great and terrible fright. “Let me out!” she yelled, her voice fading rather quickly. “I didn’t mean to fall in here, I apologize dearly!” No one did answer as Emma pleaded her case, she continued to soar forward with worry upon her face. Not before long, a familiar sound soon arrived. Her father’s voice did boom and made Emma’s hope feel revived. “Emma’s been gone for over a month.” The King’s echoed voice, it did say. “I have lost all hope, and now only hold great dismay.” “But father!” Emma shouted with desperate desire. “I am right here, don’t you see? Your aid I do require!” Suddenly below, through the veil of hued colors, an image of the king appeared as he cried with great somber. “She’s gone, she’s gone, our kingdom is in ruin! I am a terrible father that has now been proven.” Before she could call out, Emma saw her father vanish. Another image did appear, one that created deep panic. The castle, her home, it had crumbled to the ground. The sky, it had darkened, and no garden could be found. “The King has fallen ill,” a voiced echoed all around. “His heart is still broken from when the princess was never found.” “Father, no!” Emma shouted as she struggled to break free. “Let me go, I’m sorry! Please, this cannot be!” Suddenly without warning, the bright colors did fade. Soon Emma felt the world around her, once more had been remade. Unable to see, yet still flying forward, the princess saw a bright light of a shade far warmer. Nearing the light, it soon swallowed her whole. She then crashed to the ground with a tumble and a roll. Lifting her eyes Emma found great relief. She was back in the garden with an end to her grief. As the sun began to rise, the sky started to lighten. Soon would the world would awake and start to brighten. Racing through the maze, Emma dashed towards the castle. Up the steps she leaped, the guards yelling with hassle. Bursting into the room that her father occupied, Emma, shouted towards the king and ran to his side. Jumping to his arms, they both cried with rejoicing. Happiness filling them, at the sound of each’s voice. Never again, did Emma come across that magical orb of time. Never again did Emma forget, who was most important in her mind.