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The Magical Land Behind Dragon-Eye Falls

Door to land of magic

“When I think about it - my head hurts. It must have been 9 o’clock, for I was done with my supper. Sugar, our dog, was barking loudly. I peeped outside the window, and in what appeared like a bright blue light, I saw an arrow pointing north. Curious, I quickly put on my shoes and ran in the direction of the bright blue arrow. It always stayed a few steps ahead of me until it stopped at Dragon-Eye Falls.”

Jayden sat across from the deputy, retelling the story just like it happened. His parents had been so worried when he ran out the door and disappeared into the woods; they had called the Sheriff’s office.

What his parents didn’t know was that Jayden had discovered a magical land beyond the waterfall. In fact, he had spent hours there, only to venture back and find just a little time had passed. That was when the light from the deputy’s flashlight shone in his face, and he was taken to the station to wait for his parents.

“So, young man,” the deputy asked. “You claim there is a magical land behind Dragon-Eye Falls?”

Jayden nodded, picturing the large rock protruding from the middle of the waterfall, the one that looked like a dragon’s eye.

“And what did you do in this magical land,” Asked the deputy, in a tone that said he was doubtful of Jayden’s tale.

“Oh, I went on a grand adventure! I met a friendly Pegasus—you know, a horse with wings! Her name was Shasta, and she flew me high above the clouds. Then, I swam in a crystal clear sea on the back of a dolphin named Sparkle. After that, I happened upon a village of friendly giants. They fed me a grand supper - meat and potatoes. We even had peach pie for dessert!”

As Jayden rambled on, the deputy shook his head. The little boy must have fallen and hit his head, although there was no sign of injury.

“When your parents arrive, we will drive to Dragon-Eye Falls and see this magical land.” The deputy said.

Jayden couldn’t wait to show his parents the beautiful land where trees were as tall as buildings and oranges were as big as bowling balls! His mom was the first to see him in the deputy’s office. She ran to him and cried, “Jayden! We were so worried about you!”

Jayden’s father was still worried. “Son, what made you run out the door like that? We were so afraid something terrible had happened.”

In the car, on the way to Dragon-Eye Falls, Jayden told his parents everything. They exchanged worried glances, which said they were having a hard time believing him. But that didn’t bother Jayden. They would see the magical land soon enough.

The deputy parked the car as close to the falls as he could get. Then, the four of them walked up the trail until they saw the big rock that looked like a dragon’s eye. Jayden took off running. He was so excited to go back to the magical land!

Going to where the bright blue arrow had pointed, Jayden expected to find the entrance again. But all he saw was empty space. The deputy and his parents were following closely behind. “Well, young man,” the deputy began. “Where is this ‘magical land’?”

“Yes, Son,” Jayden’s father said. “Where is it?” His mother stood silently, looking at him with worried eyes.

Running back and forth behind the waterfall, Jayden looked everywhere. Earlier, the bright blue arrow had lit up the entrance. Now, there was nothing but rocks. He sat down on one of the boulders and pulled his fidget spinner out of his pocket. The deputy and his parents were talking passionately. Finally, his mother came and took him by the hand. “Come on, son. It’s time to go home.” Her eyes were kind and loving, but they also looked worried and sad.

Jayden went with them, back down the trail to the car. Then, he realized he had forgotten his fidget spinner and ran back to get it. He reached down to pick it up; he soon realized he was back in the magical land! It was real!

"I guess only children can get into this magic land". Jayden mumbled softly.